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We are very understanding and sympathetic with our clients.

At Peaceful Pets we appreciate how distressing it is when your beloved pet passes away.

We would encourage you to get in touch and talk through the options with us. We are very understanding and sympathetic with our clients.


Give yourself time to get over the loss
When a pet dies it is natural to feel upset and emotional. This animal has been part of your family. Some feel better after a few weeks and others may get emotional remembering pet’s years after their passing.

Talk about your animal’s death
Talk to your family and friends who have been through the same experience. It will help talk to someone who knows exactly how you feel. Some people find it helpful to write down their feelings or express them in a poem.

Don’t feel guilty!!
You cared for your pet and took them to the vets when they were poorly and you did all you could for them. Vets cannot always save an animal’s life. If your vet suggests putting your pet to sleep this can be a very difficult decision but it is one the kindest things you can do for a suffering animal. Good vets will appreciate the pain of this decision and don’t be afraid to be upset in front of them as they will understand.

Hold a memorial ceremony
This is a good way of letting out your emotions. Perhaps you could bury a memento such as a collar or favourite toy in your garden or plant a tree or shrub. It provides a focal point for your grief and is a mark of respect for your pet.

Treasure your memories of times spent with your pet, their funny habits and character. Of course you will miss them terribly but remembering what you loved about them will help with the grieving process. You may feel anger if your pet was taken from you in an accident or at a young age but this is all part of coming to terms with their passing.

Looking to the future
Listen to your feelings when considering getting a new pet. Obviously no pet can replace the one you lost but in time you may feel ready to give another pet a loving home. Only you can decide when the time is right.


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